Our Company

ACTS Group is a multi-dimensional property investor, developer and construction enterprise founded by entrepreneur Carl Gouw in 2005. ACTS Group has managed over 100 award-winning projects in Asia, spanning the hospitality, residential and cultural sectors. Committed to diversity and inclusivity, ACTS Group and its parent company Goldig Investment Group, who has been involved in real estate investment since the 1970s, bring over 40 years of experience to the industry.

Overseeing every stage of a project, from concept and design to project management and execution, ACTS Group adopts a 360-degree approach while seeking new opportunities within the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. In 2019, ACTS Group launched Canvas, a lifestyle brand delivering purposeful experiences through a membership programme, hospitality projects and residential developments. Through Canvas, ACTS Group aims to develop a strategic footprint in new regions, strengthen relationships in the communities and carefully consider its impact on the broader culture.

Acts Group