About Canvas

Canvas is a lifestyle brand that values purposeful living, lasting relationships and our collective future.  Through our membership programme, hotel and residential developments and cultural initiatives we strive to create value through respecting values.

Canvas Place is our expanding new collection of properties across Asia, where spaces are meaningfully designed, nourished by culture and creative energy. Art, music and ideas adorn the walls and permeate our spaces. We spread our roots deep into the community so you can journey deep into the experience of a place.

We believe connection is everything. Even in places where we don’t yet have a physical presence, we are still at work building ties. Through Canvas Belong, our tailor-made membership programme, we connect our Citizens with unique local collaborators, and offer insightful and thought-provoking cultural experiences that ignite within each other more inspired choices. When you join Canvas Belong, you determine the dynamic of your life journey wherever you travel.

Where canvas sails once powered the age of exploration, our Blank Canvas initiative seeks to propel local art, culture, cuisine and commerce into new realms. Together, Canvas weaves the story of creativity, originality and diversity into your own enduring narrative.

Canvas invites you to come find your place.